UPES 2023 invites applications for various UG programmes including BTECH, BBA, B.DES, LL.B, B.PHARMA, M.DES  for academic year 2023-24.



Important Dates

Last Date : Not Mentioned yet

Admission  Process:

Entrance Test / Board / JEE / CLAT Merit

Application Fee

RS. 1350/-


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  • INR 50 LPA – Highest Package in 2022
  • 3800+ students already placed for 2022
  • 100% Placement in School of Computer Science & School of Health Sciences and Technology 






  • ENTRANCE TEST FOR BTech, BBA, LLB, B.Design, B.Pharma and BA & B.sc School of liberal studies.
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UPES was established in the year 2003 through UPES Act, 2003 of the State Legislature of Uttarakhand. With an ambitious vision and unique approach, UPES emerged as an innovative institution offering industry-focused specialised undergraduate and postgraduate courses, some of which cater to high-growth areas like cloud computing, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, mechatronics engineering, fine arts, big data analytics, public administration, machine design engineering, computer science, petroleum, graphic and gaming and so on.

UPES has a sprawling 44-acre campus in the lush and verdant environs of Dehradun. The university takes pride in offering its students a world-class academic infrastructure, multimedia-enabled classrooms, modern research labs, playing fields, food courts, hostels and facilities for curricular and extra-curricular activities. Its commitment to providing students a multifaceted all-round growth and development reflects in its superior track record of 90% placements year after year; indeed, it leverages its strategic partnerships with industry stalwarts for all its programs to create employable, bright and future-ready professionals. Given its industry-oriented programs and emphasis on holistic development, UPES graduates naturally become the preferred choice for employers. Thus, the university develops and hones future leaders for diverse high-growth sectors in India and globally.

The university’s singular purpose is to enable each one achieve their individual purpose in life, through the guiding light of knowledge. Each one is empowered to pursue dreams and PASSIONS in a meaningful and responsible manner. Each one is encouraged to foster professional development through imagination, innovation, specialised knowledge and critical-thinking. Each one is entrusted to become an active participant in transforming society,  to go beyond oneself, to respect and  inclusively contribute in a pluralistic world. Thus, enabling one to choose life-pathways that fulfil their individual purposes fruitfully.



Unparalleled Placements in 2022

Endeavouring to enrich the education, careers, and lives of our students, the placement and career services department at UPES has left no stone unturned in providing the best of opportunities to students. 2022 has seen unparalleled placements, with over 3800 offers by recruiters, amounting to a staggering 20+ offers per day! With placements across more than 20 sectors, the highest package offered this year stands at INR 50 lakh per annum, to two students from the School of Computer Science.

A multitude of offers have been granted by industry giants, such as Airbus, Boeing, Deloitte USI, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PwC, LTI-Larsen & Toubro InfoTech Ltd, Wipro Limited and many others, affirming their trust in UPES.

Focusing on industry-aligned training, UPES has also paved the way for unprecedented opportunities in internships, offered to our students at Amazon with a stipend of INR 1.5 lakh per month.

So far, out of a total of 80 courses, 63 have a 100% placement record. From the total offers handed out in 2022 so far, 2480 are unique offers, with many students receiving multiple offers.

Year Total No. of
PackageLPA: Lakhs Per Annum
Achieved %
2016 310+ 3.87 LPA 15.00 LPA 91% 1258
2017 325+ 4.20 LPA 29.76 LPA 92% 1467
2018 445+ 4.12 LPA 17.81 LPA 94% 1807
2019 500+ 4.35 LPA 23 LPA 94% 2223
2020 560+ 5.25 LPA 45 LPA 94% 2318
2021 690+ 5.70 LPA 50 LPA 96.07% 2570


  • 1. ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS            Up to 100% merit scholarship, 50% reserved for girl students
    1. Who will get Scholarship?

    All students who have applied for admission for UPES courses and have taken UPES entrance examination shall be eligible for consideration for this scholarship. However, this Scholarship shall be awarded only to those students who has complied with below defined Scholarship Criteria for first semester and subsequent renewal, if applicable.

    1. Scholarship Criteria

    Scholarship will be awarded upto 10% Top performers of UPES Entrance Exam. UPES reserves the right to conduct multiple rounds of entrance examination and merit list of each round will be prepared separately. However, it is UPES sole discretion, to decide consideration of next in line of top 10 for said Scholarship, in case top performer does not accept the scholarship for any reason.

    1. Total number of scholarships

    Total number of scholarships available are up to 1900 (out of these 50% will be reserved for girls i.e., 950 scholarships and balance is for general category including boys and girls both).

    1. Scholarship Benefits

    Scholarship will be awarded in range from 20% to 100% on tuition fees of 1st semester only. Renewal of scholarships for rest of the semesters is at the sole discretion of UPES.

    1. Scholarship Renewal Criteria

    Continuation of Scholarship in the subsequent semesters will be as per the University policy which may differ year on year basis. However, it will be subject to meeting of minimum eligibility criteria as below:

    • Minimum SGPA/CGPA of 8.5 in each semester.
    • Passed every semester at first try without any supplementary or improvement exam.
    • Maintenance of 75% attendance in entire semester
    • No disciplinary action initiated/ awarded against the student
    • Exemplary behavior and compliance with all other norms as prescribed by the University from time to time
    • If student fails to score minimum of 8.5 SGPA in any semester, the scholarship will not be renewed
    • Scholarship will be awarded in form of Fee Concession; Fee Discount; Fee Waiver on tuition fees only. The decision of percentage of the Fee Concession; Fee Discount; Fee Waiver on Tuition fees shall be the sole discretion of UPES.
    • It is the responsibility of the applicants to check their eligibility before submitting their applications. In case the applicant is found non-eligible at any stage, his/her submission or scholarship will be disqualified.
    • Decision of the Scholarship Committee shall be final applicants and cannot be challenged.
    • The Result shall be communicated to all shortlisted applicant though Email/SMS.
    • UPES reserves the right to withdraw or amend any listed scholarship without prior notification and at any point in time at its sole discretion.
    • If scholarship selected student chooses to decline the course offer, said students’ scholarship shall be void.
    • The Scholarship amount will be adjusted against student fees. Awarded scholarships can’t be exchanged for cash/cheque or transferred to any other course or campus or academic year/semester etc.
    • Awarded scholarships can’t be exchanged for cash or transferred to any other course or campus or academic year etc
    • Applicant/student shall not be eligible to apply for any future year/semester scholarship under this category, if in any semester applicant/student fails to comply with Renewal Criteria.
    • A student/applicant will be eligible for award of only one type / scheme of Scholarship in a given Academic semester/year.


    1. Notwithstanding anything under this Scholarship, UPES’s Management has sole discretion to edit, modify, change, update, continue or abandon this Scholarship going forward at any given point in time, without any prior written intimation. Vice Chancellor will be the final deciding authority for all scholarship decisions.
    2. There is no concept of automatic renewal for next semester. The Sponsorship Committee shall decide every semester on case-to-case basis.
    3. Please note that this communication is without prejudice to any rights of UPES and this communication should not be considered as waiver of any rights of UPES in applicants’ favour.


    2. 33% fee concession for Bonafide Uttarakhand students*

    In case you are an Uttarakhand Bonafide resident, you are eligible for 33% concession on tuition fee subject to fulfilment of the following conditions and submission of supporting documents:

    • ‘Sthai Niwas Praman Patra’ certificate, along with the admission form.
    • Income certificate proving that your gross family income is not more than Rs.12 lakh per annum, along with a copy of last income tax return filed



    With the objective of access of quality education to all UPES is providing scholarship to the student who come from the economically weaker section but with high aspiration, commitment and caliber.

    Terms and Conditions/Eligibility Criteria-

    • Total number of 50 seats only for regular program be on the merit basis.
    • Upper age limit for UG and PG programs- 20 and 25 years respectively (On the date of Registration).
    • Minimum academic eligibility for the respective program at the time of admission should be met, as mentioned in the Admission prospectus.
    • EWS certificate to be submitted which is issued by District Magistrate (DM) /Additional District Magistrate (ADM) / Collector/ Deputy Commissioner/ Additional Deputy Commissioner/ First Class Stipendiary/ Magistrate/ Sub-Divisional Magistrate / Executive Magistrate/ Taluka Magistrate/ Extra Assistant Commissioner.
    • As per JEE notification EWS category income to be upto Rs.8 lakhs per annum.
    • Renewal of free ships will be based on :-
    • 6.0 SGPA / CGPA in last exam passed
    • No disciplinary case registered or reported



    With the objective of developing a sports culture within the University, UPES introduces a new scheme of providing scholarships for talented sports person.

    New and Existing Students

    Scholarship/ Free ships Level of Representation Achievements Organizing Body Remarks
    100% International Medal holders
    (Gold/Silver/Bronze) at
    the International Level
    (Representing the country)
    Olympic Committee /
    100% free ship
    on complete
    tuition fees and
    75% International Participating at the
    International Level
    Olympic Committee /
    75% on Tuition
    50% National Medal holders
    (Gold/Silver/Bronze in
    team game and fourth
    place in individual
    National association /
    Federations / AIU /
    IOA / School Games
    federation of India
    50% on Tuition
    35% National Participation at the
    National Level
    National association /
    Federations / AIU /
    IOA / School Games
    federation of India
    35% on Tuition


    S.No. Sport/ Game Number of seats under
    Scholarship scheme
    1 Football 6
    2 Cricket 8
    3 Basketball 5
    4 Volleyball 5
    5 Table Tennis 5
    6 Badminton 5
    7 Shooting 5
    8 Chess 5
    9 Athletics 6

    Terms & Conditions / Eligibility New Enrollments

    • Scholarship will be awarded as per the seats mentioned above against each game /sport. These seats can be transferred to other games if required after approval of Vice Chancellor / Registrar
    • Minimum academic eligibility for the respective program at the time of admission should be met, as mentioned in the admission prospectus.
    • The scholarship will be applicable only if the student continues the sport as a part of the UPES team.
    • The University would verify the documents submitted by the student and conduct personal interview with the expert panel.
    • The participation/achievement at State/National/International level should not be more than two years from the date of registration
    • The candidate seeking admission under any of the above categories of sports shall be required to produce the relevant documents of proof of his/her participation and Medal Won. Scholarship Committee will take the final decision regarding Scholarship.
    • The scholarship under this category shall be given in the first year and its continuation shall be decided by Scholarship Committee

    Existing Students

    • In case of an existing student all the current dues should be cleared before availing the scholarships
    • 67% overall attendance is mandatory
    • No case of indiscipline as per the University records
    • No existing backlog in the exams appeared at UPES

    New and Existing Students

    • All such students will have to ensure that they practice regularly / seek expert advice / participate in coaching camps to maintain / improve their standard and performance.
    • The scholarship awarded is for one year and is renewable from year to year, provided the awardees improve/maintain the proficiency in the game concerned.
    • The scholarship can be withdrawn if the student is found involved in any act of indiscipline (within or outside the campus) is not able to clear his / her academic assessments or any other academic requirement as per the university student bulletin.
    • The Scholarship is applicable only on the Tuition Fee and does not apply to any other head like Admission fee, Examination fee, Transport fee, Hostel Fee, or any other fee / expanse which may occur from time to time.
    • Scholarship Committee will reserve the rights to increase / decrease / approve / deny the amount of scholarship



     The Academic scholarship policy will be applicable for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The scholarship will be awarded to 10% of the total students enrolled in each of the program or 1 student whichever is higher. The 10% will be rounded off to the nearest next number. The Scholarship policy w.e.f. year 2023 based on meritorious performance of the students in the academic year 2023-24 as under:


    Order of Merit Extent of Scholarships
    1st 20% of the fees
    2nd 15% of the fees
    Rest of the eligible students 10% of the fees


    In case of tie, the CGPA will be calculated up to third decimal points. The scholarships will be disbursed at the end of each Academic Year as per terms and conditions listed below:

    • CGPA of 8.5 and above for both domicile and non-domicile.
    • Should not been awarded grade F in any of the course/paper in any of the semesters.
    • Shall fulfil the prescribed attendance norms.
    • No involvement in any indiscipline or misconduct.
    • Scholarship will only be awarded till pre final year, students availing scholarship till/ during pre-final year will have to pay full fee for both the semesters during final year as applicable to all other students



    The University has extended a financial support to the students who are unable to pay the tuition fee on account of having lost any of the earning parents AFTER TAKING ADDMSISSON AT UPES AND AFTER SUBMITTING FULL FEES FOR ATLEAST ONE SEMESTER

     Amount Given as Support:

    • The financial support extended by the University is a relaxation of Rs 50,000/- towards their tuition fee per semester till the last qualifying semester.


    Eligibility Criteria:

    • The student should maintain / improve their academic performance every semester.
    • The students applying for relaxation should not have any NC (Not Clear) or Backlog in any semester. However, the scholarship committee can use its discretion can recommend the Vice Chancellor for approval without using this as a precedent for future cases of the same nature if any.
    • He/ She should also have a clear record on discipline background.
    • This relaxation is applicable only for the upcoming semester.


    Applicable Conditions:

    • The above relaxation is only for one semester.
    • Students desirous for the extension in next semester will be required to submit fresh application along with the grade card of last exam passed once a communication is circulated by the department of Student Engagement and Experience.
    • The Committee reserves the final right to approve an application received from the students.


    Eligibility Criteria:

    1. Applicable to all Alumni graduated from 2017 onwards. For any Alumni graduated before 2017,department of alumni relations will present the case to the scholarship committee for special approval.
    2. Alumni have to meet the notified eligibility criteria for AY 2023-24 for the respective programs.

    Admission Criteria:

    1. Alumni have to directly apply online and have to email his/her academic details. along with application number.
    2. Alumni have to go through the admission process of the applied program as per the notified selection process for AY 2023-24.
    3. Alumni will have to clear the selection process.

    Offered Scholarship:

    1. Applicable on only 35% tuition fee waiver for the full duration of the program. Rest all fee components to be charged as per the notification of AY 2023-24.
    2. No other scholarship will be offered or clubbed with this scholarship.
    3. No Alumni fee to be charged.
    4. Renewal of the scholarship for the subsequent year will be only based on attaining minimum 8 SGPA /CGPA with no back log and no disciplinary cases registered or reported against the student.
    5. In case of refund applied after admissions – refund policy will be applicable for AY 2023-24.

    8. Digital Innovation Scholarships (Sponsored by Meta) – School of Modern Media

    SOMM Scholarship
    Scholarship Name Scholarship detail  Type Total Number
    Digital Innovation scholarships 100 % Merit scholarship (for underprivileged students*) External 6


    Who will Get the Scholarship?

    All students who have applied for admission for UPES SOMM undergraduate courses whose family income meets the eligibility criteria and have qualified through the Selection process.

    Eligible students, as above, will be chosen based on UPES scholarship test and Personal interview for this scholarship.

    The scholarship test: Interested students should send in a short video, shot and edited on phone, of themselves talking to the camera (minimum 2 minutes, maximum 3 minutes duration) talking about their life story, achievements and why they should be considered for this scholarship.

    Video should be emailed to: somm.meta@upes.ac.in

    Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a final interview with the selection committee.   

    Scholarship Criteria

    100% Scholarship on tuition fees will be awarded to a total number of 6 candidates out of which 1 will be the existing student of SOMM and 5 fresh candidates who have qualified our selection criteria & UPES scholarship test  and have been awarded provisional admission.


    Scholarship Terms and Conditions

    • The scholarship shall be awarded to the candidates, whose family’s gross annual income should be upto Rs.8 lac. This includes income from all sources such as agriculture, salary, business, etc.
    • Scholarship shall be equivalent to 100% tuition fees, which shall be applicable for complete one year consisting of two semesters. Renewal of scholarships for rest of the semesters shall be at the sole discretion of UPES.
    • Last date to apply to avail this scholarship is 25th July.
    • Scholarship interview will be conducted in first week of August, on 1 August. Exact date of interview will be communicated to students on one-to-one basis through email/sms/call and the scholarship winners will be announced by 10 August.


    Documents required

    • Address proof
    • Current academic year grades card or Proof of admission (college ID card/admission fees receipt etc.), as the case may be;
    • Photo identity proof
    • Proof of income



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